Three learning tools and seven practices.

Writing about the connection between workplace health practices and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria is a joy for myself. I first wrote about the connection in September 2019, two years ago. I connected workplace health practices and ESG criteria by focusing on the social (S) factor of ESG criteria through three practices: the integration of occupational health and safety, a culture of health perspective which includes social responsibility (a COH-EXT), and a psychological health and safety management system (PHSMS). The link to Part 1 can be found here.

This article, Part 2, builds on the connection between workplace health…

This article highlights a term called Coaching Up. The inspiration for this article is by a content piece from Mary Ann Baynton. To complement the content piece, this article emphasizes how Coaching Up can serve as an aspect of shared responsibility for a psychological healthy and safe workplace. This article also mentions an insightful survey called the Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, a best practice for participatory planning called the SOBANE strategy, and a resource called Supporting Employee Success.

Recently, ISO 45003:2021 Occupational health and safety management — Psychological health and safety at work — Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks, was…

The way we work matters for our well-being.

This playbook is about blending workplace health and wellness (well-being) with project management.

In order to achieve sustainability for well-being, to be well today, but also tomorrow, integrating well-being practices into ways of working and managing projects is a must.

This is how we create a culture of health whereby “that is just how we do things around here!”

For you and I, physical activity matters. Repeated sessions of physical activity will improve health, fitness, and performance. To the individual reading this, first off, Hi! thank you for your time and attention, and second, odds are, hearing that physical activity matters is not new to you. Instead, what may be new to you, and where your attention can turn if you have committed yourself to preparing for physical activity, specifically exercise, is how to go about physical activity and safety. For those of you who are reading this and are already experienced in structured physical activity, in that of…

The following text is sourced from How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business (D. Hubbard, 2014) to act as a book review, in addition to mentioning content from Evaluating Worksite Health Promotion (D. Chenoweth, 2001) and The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care-and How to Fix It (Makary, 2019).

It isn’t that everything must be put into dollars or measured through objective and quantifiable variables to be interpreted as meaningful, but we do need to document progress, use tracking as we strive for continuous improvement in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, and use a…

It is through subtraction, which can be just as effective, appropriate, and accessible as addition, that workplace wellness can be fulfilled with the idea of being on a budget.

The following article is from the point of view of a workplace (in the group benefits field referred to as a plan sponsor). The direct cost references do not take into account labour costs.

Change isn’t always about adding, as in acquiring or increasing something, but rather, change can also be about subtracting something, as in eliminating or decreasing.

When Michelangelo created the Statue of David, he started with a rock, and then chiseled away at it. …

Steps for your mind.

10K While You Work (

There are days when 5:00pm is reached, but I don’t know if I really moved the needle for the day, so to say. I think to myself, what value did I add today? Who did I help? What did I learn? For some of us, myself included, it can be frustrating when good answers [subjectively] can’t be developed for these questions.

This blog post is about how to be the best you, through a health lens, so that steps within your control are taken to help make your workday a thriving day. Specifically, how to keep your mind in top…

The integration for effectiveness and efficiency.

The integration for effectiveness and efficiency.

Executive Summary

This article is about seeking clarity and proposing questions regarding the interaction between employee benefits, specifically medical insurance, and wellness programs. Integrating employee benefits and wellness programs may be of significant mutual benefit. This may be through data exchange, return-to-work opportunities and the interplay with workplace culture and psychological health and safety, or the nuances of provisions and plan administration which wellness programs could serve as an asset for. The first two pieces, data exchange and return-to-work opportunities, are documented practices for some of us, but albeit could be more commonly practiced, and the…

A resource to help deal with drastic change and loss.

What now? Re-imagining your life

Hearing about the idea of gratitude isn’t new in my life. But, my understanding and appreciation of gratitude has grown in recent years.

In recent years, I’ve explored expressing gratitude through a gratitude journal. For the first few months, in the gratitude journal I included writing three tangible or intangible things in my life before bed each night for which I am thankful for. Then, the gratitude journal transitioned to writing one person I am thankful for in my life before bed each night. …

Introducing the 4 C’s for Bringing Joy and Action to Your Life

Think about someone you admire or respect. Perhaps this someone is a famous athlete, or a movie star. They may even be someone within your family or someone you have the opportunity to share time with daily. Could it be someone who was involved with creating a product or service which you use and have benefited from?

What you, the someone, and for that matter all of us have in common, is we all have twenty-four hours in a day. Yes, Albert Einstein also had twenty-four hours in a day. Within these twenty-four hours we have choices. Let’s safely assume…

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