or achieving total health and taking care of workers, return to work plans matter. Return to work plans can be a component of an integrated disability management system, tied to employee accommodation and attendance support.

If not managed properly, employee disability-related absences can have significant impact on profitability, employee engagement…

Three learning tools and seven practices.

Writing about the connection between workplace health practices and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria is a joy for myself. I first wrote about the connection in September 2019, two years ago. I connected workplace health practices and ESG criteria by focusing on the social (S) factor of ESG criteria…

The way we work matters for our well-being.

This playbook is about blending workplace health and wellness (well-being) with project management.

In order to achieve sustainability for well-being, to be well today, but also tomorrow, integrating well-being practices into ways of working and managing projects is a must.

This is…

It is through subtraction, which can be just as effective, appropriate, and accessible as addition, that workplace wellness can be fulfilled with the idea of being on a budget.

The following article is from the point of view of a workplace (in the group benefits field referred to as a plan sponsor). The direct cost references do not take into account labour costs.

hange isn’t always about adding, as in acquiring or increasing something, but rather, change can also…

The integration for effectiveness and efficiency.

The integration for effectiveness and efficiency.

Executive Summary

This article is about seeking clarity and proposing questions regarding the interaction between employee benefits, specifically medical insurance, and wellness programs. Integrating employee benefits and wellness programs may be of significant mutual benefit. This may be through data exchange, return-to-work opportunities and the interplay…

Nathan Kolar

Nathan helps companies become more productive while simultaneously being humane. #employeehealth #organizationalhealth LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nathankolar.

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