Content Sprouting: How-To Maximize Your Marketing Content

  • trending topics
  • which topics are shared most among users
  • the competition behind certain keywords
  • popular competitor websites in the topic area
  • Live video (YouTube or Facebook) (could even include a presentation/keynote!)
  • Take audio file from live video and publish as a podcast
  • Use the transcript of the audio file to create a blog post
  • Use captions and short/micro clips from the audio file and blog post to create independent social media posts (for the Feeds or Stories!)
  • Add to content of the blog article to create [downloadable] guides (how-to’s), checklists, white-papers (e-books), newsletters, and quizzes.



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Nathan Kolar

Nathan Kolar


Nathan helps companies become more productive while simultaneously being humane. #employeehealth #organizationalhealth LinkedIn: